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Lock Your Doors! Bears are Breaking Into Cars Looking for Food

Usually, when we check in with the footage from a security camera that involves something being stolen out of a car, we are used to a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt and trying out door handles to see if they can make off with somebody else’s valuables. This time, though, it’s not a person at all who is doing the stealing but instead a couple of bears.

That’s right, several motorists who had left their car doors unlocked have found out the hard way that these big fuzzy animals are actually smart enough to try out door handles to see if they can procure food from the inside of unlocked cars.

Modern problems require modern solutions, of course, and that’s something that a variety of bears have figured out when it comes to the easiest place to find a bite to eat. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to see these wild animals that understand exactly how car doors work as they make their way around inside of the vehicles to try and come up with a snack.

In a video posted by Inside Editionviewers would first watch a scene from Gatlinburg, TN that showcases a bear opening the front door and stealing a bottle of soda. To show that this wasn’t any sort of fluke, the bear later returns and opens the back door before making off with a carton of french fries.

In another clip, we head to Asheville, NC in a scenario that shows off a similar situation. In this particular incident, the bear opens up a car door and shuffles around inside of a car, presumably looking for a treat. However, the bear comes up empty-handed before getting away. Who knows, with animals is smart, maybe it’s only a matter of time before they start looking for valuables to take to a pawn shop.