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Man Goes Overboard During Insanely Rough Day at the Inlet

While it may be getting chilly in many areas of the country as fall turns into winter, the Boca Inlet in Florida is certainly not one of those places. Instead, tons of boaters are still making their way through the inlet every day, looking for a little bit of sun and fun as they take their boats out on the water.

For anybody who has tuned in to channels like Wavy Boats that showcases the vessels they go through these inlets, they know that things can get a bit tumultuous. Some days are rougher than others and when things begin to get really intense, you had better know what you’re doing when you head through the inlet. Otherwise, not only are you risking your boat but you’re also risking your life. Going overboard is a good way to really put yourself in jeopardy.

This time, Wavy Boats was on the scene yet again as we check in with a relatively brutal day at Boca Inlet. On this particular day, we check in with a vessel that heads through the chop and ends up going nearly vertical!

Following the vessel that got pretty dramatic, another rather scary situation would come to life. A center console they came through shortly after would actually end up having the captain go overboard. Not only is this a tough place for the person in the water to be in. The rescuers are going to be in a tough spot as well. It’s not exactly easy to fish somebody out of the water with current ripping and waves splashing over the side of the boat, threatening to push it upside down.

At the end of the video below, we check in with a hectic day at the Boca inlet. If there’s one way to definitely get the adrenaline going, this is it!