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Turbo 101: Boosted GT Explains How Turbos Make HorsePower

If there’s one sound that we can’t help but love in the performance community, it’s that of a spooling turbo. The chatter of that turbocharger means that horsepower is near and we just can’t help but let the note send a chill down our spines.

However, obviously, a turbo is doing a lot more than creating an awesome sound. In addition, it’s really going to work in order to try and make the engine strapped to function as efficiently as possible. As with any other form of forced induction, the unit has been designed to take a lot of air and shove it into the engine in question as quickly as the combination will allow.

How exactly does a turbocharger go about doing this, though?

This time, we get a little bit of assistance on the matter from a professional. In this video, we get to enter the class of “Turbochargers 101” as BoostedGT steps to the plate to try and explain to the best of his ability how exactly a turbo is helping out your engine.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of ways to make a car go fast. Being able to understand factors like these can definitely help out to aid in selecting the best means possible to get to your goals. For plenty of people, that means that a nice size turbo is in the works to turn their car into a rocketship! By following along with the video below, you’ll be taken to school all from the comfort of wherever it is that you’re watching this video.

Better bring that pen and pad because after watching this one, you might just be on your way to picking out exactly which turbo do you want to throw on your ride for maximum power!

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