Man’s Soul LEAVES HIS BODY – First Time Top Fuel Reaction

By: Jesse Kleib   October 18, 2022

For those who have never been to an NHRA event, let’s just say that the action has a tendency to be incredibly loud. This is especially true with the Top Fuel class of cars that crank out over 10,000 hp and soar to speeds of 300 mph or more. When we say “loud,” it isn’t just hot rod loud but instead the type of noise that one truly will never hear from just about anything else in life. In fact, these things are so loud that pretty much everybody on the premises can actually feel the sound reverberating in their chest.

With that, we also find our fair share of spectators who are simply unsuspecting. I think that pretty much everybody knows that race cars are loud but not too many people are aware of just how loud they really are. Therefore, with a failure to bring along ear protection or even use one’s fingers to plug their ears, we get some pretty crazy reactions as the screaming vocals from high horsepower monsters really catch people off guard.

This time, a YouTube uploader who goes by John Washington Jr. decided to film his brother at his first NHRA event, likely fully expecting that the NHRA newbie wasn’t going to be ready for the sound that was about to come. Naturally, the response is nothing short of hilarious as the man not only scurries to find a way to cover his ears but contorts his whole body in the name of trying to get away from the iconic sound. Not just that but on the second pass, the man also seems to be caught a little bit off-guard again at the sound before eventually getting the hang of what’s coming when these monstrous machines blast their way down the track.

Not only does the video below show off a funny family moment. We might just also be seeing the birth of a new Top Fuel fan for life.