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Masked Carjackers Attack Man While Stealing His Sports Car

Living in today’s world requires constant vigilance, even within the confines of one’s own property. Criminals can be audacious, targeting individuals regardless of location as long as they achieve their goals of making off with property that they didn’t earn. It’s unfortunate but a smart person will always keep an eye peeled to make sure that nothing suspicious is going on around them.

In this incident, two thieves set their sights on a man with an Aston Martin DBS, a car valued at approximately $250,000, maybe a bit more, even. The scene unfolds in Westport, CT, an upscale town known for its tranquility and affluence. Today, though, the scene was anything but tranquil as a couple of scumbags tried to take what wasn’t theirs.

Security camera footage from inside the garage captures the masked intruders approaching the luxurious vehicle inside the homeowner’s garage. After successfully coercing the driver to exit the car, they brazenly attempt to make off with this high-value prize. As they backed out of the structure with the door open, they nearly added more charges to the docket as they almost crushed the poor owner of the car. If there is one silver lining in this whole thing it’s that they had enough awareness to make sure that didn’t happen.

In any case, the car owner refuses to surrender without a fight. Despite the perilous situation, he urgently calls out to his wife, urging her to dial 911 while struggling with the attackers. But even his pleas fail to deter the determined thieves, who remain resolute in their quest to steal the expensive sports car. We’re unsure if the crooks were ever stopped.

This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder that vigilance is paramount, even in familiar surroundings like one’s garage. If anything appears suspicious, it’s crucial to take immediate action, including contacting 911 for assistance.