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Massachusetts Police Pull Over Vehicles Who Merge at the Last Second

There are two distinct types of drivers in this world. On one hand, you have the driver who thinks it’s ok to use the turn lane to attempt to cut in front of the line of traffic. On the other hand, you have drivers who are correct.

It’s frustrating to be patiently waiting in line for traffic to clear up and then witness someone exploiting an illegal maneuver to navigate around the congestion. Most of the time, these drivers manage to go unnoticed, as the likelihood of encountering a police officer in traffic who just so happens to be sitting in traffic at the right place and is also willing to enforce such infractions is relatively low.

However, in a unique turn of events, the Massachusetts State Police took it upon themselves to stake out such an area where drivers partake in such events on a regular basis and hold them accountable for their law-breaking actions, specifically those who merge at the last second to bypass rush-hour traffic on Storrow Drive in Massachusetts. In the process, these drivers not only cut in line but also make things dangerous for people who may use the turn lane to, you know, turn!

The outcome of their efforts is indeed quite satisfying.

The video footage below showcases police officers pulling over vehicles that engage in these last-minute maneuvers. Commenters were quick to share their opinions on the matter, leading to a polarized discussion.

Some commenters expressed their delight in witnessing inconsiderate drivers facing consequences for their actions, while others suggested alternative perspectives. Some believed that police presence could be better utilized elsewhere, and others even argued that cutting off traffic might actually enhance the efficiency of highway systems.

In the end, it’s challenging to please everyone, but instances like this might encourage drivers to think twice before breaking the law in the name of convenience.