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Breaking Down the World’s Most Tactical and Advanced Police Fleets

With a spin of the globe, we see the way that different communities choose to police their citizens. Here in America, we might do things one way. In other areas of the world, the norms can be completely different. This comes in both physical policing and the justice system alike.

Let’s just say that one of the big differences from country to country might be the vehicles that different jurisdictions use to police their citizens. While some areas are incredibly tame with their police fleet, making use of typical sedans and SUVs, others, like Dubai, have some extravagant exotic cars that are used to get the job done. Even those who aren’t really big car fans might’ve heard about Dubai’s police.

Spending time or money to break down barriers between police and civilians is certainly not uncommon which seems to be the case in Dubai. Other times, though, it’s all about the functionality, which can lead to some pretty intense members of the fleet as well which we see in other areas of the world that might be faced with a different set of challenges entirely.

This time, we join in with our hosts at the Xplained YouTube channel as they dive into some of the world’s most advanced police forces as it applies to what they’re driving.

Whether it’s a fleet of exotics to break down barriers between civilians and police or a group of machines designed for brute force along with the ultimate utility factor, there are certainly some interesting fleets of police cars lurking around the globe. This time, we dive into the aforementioned Dubai fleet along with those of America, Japan, and more.

Which one of these fleets is actually the most effective is one that we’re certainly not qualified to dissect. However, seeing how differently things are done in different areas of the world is certainly eye opening.