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The Dodge Ramcharger is Back and it’s Bigger and Meaner Than Ever

If we talk about the major automakers that are responsible for creating our favorite cars and trucks, we can’t help but love their creative side when it comes out. However, the thing about being a publicly traded company is that in addition to being creative in order to try and drum up interest, there is also the monetary wing of the building that rules over the kingdom when it spells out if a vehicle is worth making or not.

Sure, there might be some ideas that bounce around the water cooler that are incredibly intriguing to an automotive enthusiast. However, just how realistic it would be to think that a wide audience would be willing to pay extra money to purchase some of these creations is another conversation entirely.

In the world of digital artist, Oscar Vargas, we get the opportunity to see some of these dreams come to life on our screens without the worry of dealing with the financial guys. When we do see them in the digital world, we can’t help but hope that maybe one day a company like Ram might see them too and bring the ideas into the physical world.


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This time, the idea is to revive the Dodge Ramcharger. After making a run from 1974 all the way to the early 90s, the Ramcharger was a large SUV that eventually outlived its concept. As the likes of the full-size Chevrolet Blazer and Ford Bronco eventually fell by the wayside, the Ramcharger would become a casualty as well.

However, customer preferences are constantly changing and with that, perhaps it’s time to revisit a release of such a model. After all, Ford has recently brought the Bronco back and it is doing exceptionally well so why not do the same with the Ramcharger?

As it turns out, Vargas better known as wb.artist20 on Instagram did bring back the concept and it’s certainly something that we could sink our teeth into.

As far as the design goes, it appears as if the inspiration comes from the pre-existing Ram TRX pickup truck. Standing at a wheelbase that’s a little bit longer than the original Ramcharger, the idea has excited commenters to think that maybe one day we will see another SUV that draws inspiration from the original Ramcharger and we have to say that Vargas’s rendering is certainly an intriguing start.