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Massive Crash Scatters #3 Cadillac Into Thousands of Pieces at 2023 6 Hours of Spa

Fans tune in to all sorts of racing events for the exhilaration of the sport. Drivers must use skill to assess all situations and precision to even have a chance of ending up on top. When rain is thrown in the mix, even the most talented of drivers, though, end up with a formula that is tough to conquer. Wet conditions can call for a much more treacherous racing experience. The wrong amount of water in between a tire and the ground could have catastrophic consequences.

This time, we tune into the 2023 6 Hours of Spa event and follow the #3 Cadillac driven by Renger Van Der Zande. The race surges on as teams are forced to compete with damp conditions that are fighting against the racers.

Van Der Zande was right in the thick of things toward the lead of the race but a horrific accident unfolded that ended the day in a hurry. From what we can tell, it looks like the Cadillac caught a high point in the race track, causing it to bottom out. As the car scraped the track, it seems as if the friction caused a shift in the trajectory of the machine. Typically, perhaps this would be something that maybe the driver could correct in dry conditions. However, as the car veered sharply toward a barrier, the wet conditions meant that it was incredibly challenging for the driver to regain control of his car.

After the horrific accident, Van Der Zande was able to walk away from the brand-new car the Cadillac Racing had just put into use.

Below, the video from FIA World Endurance Championship gives us the opportunity to explore the incident and check in with the aftermath as the Cadillac was scattered into thousands of pieces. It’s not exactly clear what measures could be taken to prevent something like this from happening in the future. However, it does show us just how dangerous it is to race in these sorts of conditions, whether or not the tires are designed for this sort of weather.