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Mercedes Collabs With Avatar Movie to Create the Car of the Future

With the second rendition of the Avatar franchise coming out in theaters, it reminds us just how impressive the Avatar world is. The creative minds behind the film really took the liberty of concocting something visually impressive and completely different from anything that we’ve ever seen before. The visuals are entrancing as we make our way through the fantasy land in the highest-grossing movie to ever hit the Box Office.

Apparently, somebody at Mercedes-Benz saw this incredible work of art and decided that they wanted to integrate it into a car in some fashion. The way that came out is a concept car that isn’t necessarily going to see highways anytime soon but most certainly provides a collection of incredible features that we could really sink our teeth into.

The Mercedes VISION AVTR is the car that the brand says is inspired by the future. On board, we find so many different features that are completely foreign to cars as we know them today but could certainly be involved in the automotive world in the coming years.

The car itself is also a work of art as the collaboration between the brands comes to life as something that’s illuminated all over the place with vibrant LEDs and only vaguely resembles cars as we know them today.

Below, our host, Supercar Blondie, gives us a tour of the iconic ride that shows off what Mercedes-Benz sees as the future of the automobile. Some of the favorite features that we find among the many twists and turns include scales that contribute to the aerodynamics of the car to help it stop and turn. We also couldn’t help but be inspired by the way that each wheel moves independently, allowing the car to crabwalk or really do anything that the driver wants it to do.

After checking out the video below, be sure to tell us which of these features is your favorite of the bunch.

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