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Installing LED Strip Lights Will Make Any Truck Bed Better (How To)

There are some features available on modern vehicles that some truck owners might have access to that maybe they didn’t realize how helpful the features are until they actually used them. One of those features that can be incredibly handy just so happens to be bed lighting. While throwing some lights in the bed of a pickup truck isn’t exactly a brand-new idea, the lights have become much brighter and more common in newer trucks than older trucks.

However, just because you have a pickup truck that wasn’t born in the last couple of years isn’t to say that you have to live without having this handy feature. Just like with pretty much anything else in this world, a couple of clicks over to Amazon can pick up the parts that one would need in order to light up the entire world and they can be at your doorstep in a couple of days if that!

This time, we take a ride through a helpful DIY video with our host, YouTube mechanic, ChrisFix, who gives us the rundown on how exactly a project like this can come to life. While it might seem like a lot of work on the surface, perhaps adding a nice touch like this to your truck isn’t all that difficult or intimidating after all, especially with a step-by-step video to explain how everything is done.

With the clip below, we check in with a modification that will help bring that old-school ride just one more step into the future. Who knows? With easy and relatively affordable modifications like this, maybe you won’t want that new truck so much after all when you see just how useful the old reliable pickup is with a couple of new parts thrown in the mix.

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