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Michael Jordan’s Rough Stint in a NASCAR

News brewing around the NASCAR water cooler, it may come as a surprise that legend Michael Jordan is the primary owner of a Cup race team. The team, 23XI, co-owned by NASCAR veteran Denny Hamlin, has been making significant strides as of late. However, today, we’re not here to discuss the team’s on-track success.

Here’s a snippet from Denny Hamlin’s podcast, “Actions Detrimental,” where he shares an interesting tidbit about the GOAT himself. He wanted to experience the world of NASCAR firsthand. Given Jordan’s known enthusiasm, it’s not difficult to understand his curiosity about what his drivers go through during a race.

Despite being the basketball and sports merchandising best, Jordan’s talents don’t guarantee immediate success in other ventures he pursues.

Jordan didn’t hop into a racing car, but his team organized the next best thing: a simulator at TRD. For the uninitiated, these simulators offer an experience remarkably close to the real deal and have become indispensable tools for drivers honing their skills when they can’t be on the track.

According to Hamlin’s podcast, Jordan’s simulator stint was rather short-lived. Jordan, despite significant modifications, surrendered after 15 minutes, soaked in sweat, during his brief attempt as a six-time NBA champion.

Hamlin recalls the incident with a chuckle, commenting on Jordan’s driving abilities, which, it seems, wouldn’t quite measure up to a successful Cup career in today’s NASCAR landscape.

While many might assume such footage would be gold, Hamlin speculates that it’s unlikely to see the light of day anytime soon, much to the disappointment of fans eagerly awaiting a glimpse of Jordan in action behind the wheel.

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