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Monza Unveils New Car For Revamped OG Street Outlaws Show

This upcoming season on Street Outlaws, things are going to be handled just a little bit differently. While the show has evolved to the point where the cars are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and basically race cars that are raced on the streets, it seems as if the evolution might be taking a couple of steps backward in the future of Street Outlaws the name of entertainment.

Instead of these high-dollar race cars, we will soon see real street cars thrown in the mix. Even though the term “street car” is one that has been thrown around the conversation rather liberally, the idea is to use vehicles that can be operated on fuel that you can get at your local gas station. The cars should also have the ability to be daily driven, taking one to work or to the store without having an issue. It seems as if the change-up in cars will be an opportunity to shake things up and keep fans guessing.

This time, we check in with Street Outlaws fan favorite, Monza, as he breaks out his new ride for this new show. While we don’t get to see under the hood quite yet, Monza is more than willing to showcase his slick-looking G body that was originally white but has gotten a neat-looking teal paint job to freshen things up a bit. The car appears to be so clean that one could eat off of it and while it’s not as fast as its predecessor, Monza assures us that the car still has some get-up and go.

Down in the video below, we get to see the car and its interior, complete with a cage for safety, but we’re going to have to wait on mechanical details if that’s something that Monza even wants to unveil at all. While the coming season of Street Outlaws will slow things down just a bit, this is certainly an exciting shake-up to bring the action to life!

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