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Monza’s First Test Hits in New Car for Street Outlaws Small Tire

Over time, the racers that we have watched blast their way down the street on the collection of Street Outlaws television shows have most certainly been evolving. While things started from a modest place, these days, the cars that we watch go down the streets on the show are almost unrecognizable as top-of-the-line components are thrown at the vehicles that have turned into street raced race cars instead of modified street machines.

While watching these incredibly fast machines definitely has its high points, some fans have been calling for a return to the roots of the show. This collection of Street Outlaws fans has been saying that they want things to go back to a simpler time when cars could be driven to and from the race location. Not only do these cars create a different challenge than the race cars that we have been used to seeing. These machines are also a lot more relatable as pretty much anybody can purchase some of the rides that they see on screen and modify them to go fast!

This time, we check in with a ride that could be purchased from somewhere on Facebook marketplace for a couple of thousand dollars. Now, Monza’s Pontiac Grand Prix is incredibly clean and we would venture to think that maybe he spent a good amount of money getting a pristine example but the G-body platform is one that one could get without completely blowing up the bank.

Down in the video below, we check in with the car that has been modified and is ready for the show.  This particular video, though, was when Monza decided that he needed to go out the night before filming got underway just to do a couple of last-minute checks to make sure the Grand Prix was ready to roll during some test hits!

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