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Rotterdam Won’t Take Down Bridge, Jeff Bezos New Superyacht “Stuck” in Netherlands

It’s hard to imagine how one would live if they had a supply of money that was pretty much endless. Technically, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, probably could count his money but being able to realistically spend it all within a lifetime is a whole different feat. With that buying power, he is able to buy things like 416-foot super yachts and even pay to have them delivered even if it means disassembling entire bridges… or so Bezos thought.

One of the headlines surrounding the Amazon juggernaut is the construction project that is his latest super yacht. The currently unnamed vessel is 416 feet in length which isn’t the issue. Instead, as it’s a sailing vessel, the masts will be too tall to have the ship delivered from where it’s being constructed to the ocean for shipping.

Facilities in the Netherlands that build yachts are sometimes quite a distance from the ocean. Therefore, it has been a need for these companies to be able to travel through rivers in order to deliver their products. Typically, it might have been a challenge but one that was able to be conquered. However, as the vessels get bigger, there’s more of a shipping dilemma than before. This is where they have to get creative.

In the situation with Bezos, seems as if the shipping journey would be pretty typical aside from one part. A historic bridge located in the city of Rotterdam would be too short for the yacht to fit under. Bezos, having unlimited money, was supposedly going to pay to have the bridge disassembled and reassembled again. However, for one reason or another, locals have decided that they don’t like this idea – even if the bridge isn’t currently in use.

I guess that money truly can’t buy you anything you want.

Down in the video below, eSysman SuperYachts dives into the situation, dissecting all of the elements and offering a potential solution. Is Jeff Bezos’s yacht stuck in the Netherlands or will we see another delivery strategy put in place?