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More than 30 Drivers Got Flat Tires Along 405 Freeway During Morning Commute

Absolutely nobody likes a flat tire. Some of those among us are fortunate enough to have services like Triple-A but even in that situation, you have to wait around for your car to get going and figure out how to repair the flat later on. For the majority of drivers, though, getting a flat means getting out of their vehicle on the side of a busy highway and getting into a dangerous situation while they attempt to get their car going once again. Hopefully, it’s daytime and not raining should you have to hop out and swap the spare in place of the original wheel.

Unfortunately, Wednesday, the aggravating feeling of getting a flat tire was shared among 30 drivers on the 405 freeway in California. On the morning commute to work, it is believed that a truck lost a box of nails or potentially some pieces of wood with nails in them. The byproduct was several dozen cars pulled over to the side of the road and drivers working on them to get going once again.

According to the news report, police do say that they don’t think that the incident was intentional. In any case, seeing all 30 of these cars pulled over on the side of the road was certainly a sight to behold. It’s not every day that you see this many rides on the side of the highway disabled and not because a police officer caught them speeding. In other news, these drivers are fortunate to have the aerial footage of all of the cars pulled over to the side of the road. Otherwise, we aren’t too sure that there are many bosses who are buying this story of widespread flats.

The video below from ABC7 shows off the obscure incident that had just a couple of people late to work on their Wednesday morning commute.


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