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These Are The Most OVER & UNDER-Hyped New Trucks You Should & Should NOT Buy!

There are certain times when the marketing hits just right and gets a community excited enough to really carry the image of a company’s product to a higher level. Sometimes, this is because the product is truly awesome and really deserves all of the attention that it gets. Other times, though, the hype train has a way of going off the rails and carrying the reputation of a product to a level that sets some unrealistic expectations.

This time, we check in with the crew at The Fast Lane Truck as they dive into a collection of new full-size trucks to really dissect these monsters. To get things kicked off, our hosts talk about which trucks are overhyped and underhyped.

There are certain machines out there that seem like they bring some cool ideas to the table but perhaps have gotten too much excitement built behind them to the point where manufacturers are cashing in on the emotions of consumers by raising the price of these rides to the point where maybe they just don’t provide enough bang for the buck. While we love trucks like the Ram TRX, one can’t help but wonder how much MSRP is too much.

On the other hand, there are some machines that seem to fly under the radar for one reason or another. Just because these particular trucks aren’t exactly highly touted is it to say that they don’t provide enough value. Instead, if we’re speaking about bang for your buck, some of these trucks really deliver on a high level.

Below, we check in with this sort of buyers guide that attempts to direct truck buyers to a place where they can get the most for their dollar. It doesn’t necessarily seem as if our hosts think that any of these trucks are particularly bad. However, when the price tag starts to push six figures and beyond, it can be hard for certain models to truly deliver on the hype per price ratio.