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World’s First Single Cab TRX is the Coolest Truck Money Can Buy

In the world of high-performance pickup trucks, the regular cab short-bed platform is incredibly popular. One trip to the drag strip will turn up a variety of regular cab short bed applications that have been taken from work truck to muscle machine.

For as popular as the regular cab short bed trend might be, apparently, it’s not popular enough to support its very own segment in the factory performance pickup truck market. The perfect example exists in the Ford Raptor and Ram TRX, both of which are only offered in a crew cab configuration. Presumably, it will be relatively easy to duplicate these models in a regular cab short bed configuration but we have seen nothing of the sort on the primary market.

However, if we ask the custom shop, DaShop Customs, taking matters into their own hands was the only thing they could do. This time, we dive into a truck that takes the Ram TRX and makes it a tiny bit smaller.

The conversion miraculously took place in just eight days. During that time span, the crew took the liberty of cutting the frame, extending the bed, and getting rid of half of the cab. Of course, this is just the simplified version of all of the work that was done to make this thing appear as if it were a factory stock unit when all was said and done.

The truck retains all factory capabilities of the original TRX from which it was built, including all-wheel drive functionality. In the process, the pickup managed to shed about 500 pounds as well which certainly helps on a performance front as these crew cab trucks can really tip the scales in a bloated fashion.

Below, we check in with the finished product that shows off what exactly a single-cab TRX looks like and all that it has to bring to the table.

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