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Murder Nova Says Goodbye to the ManVan!

When they’re on screen, some of the fan-favorite Street Outlaws competitors have become synonymous with their most driven car. For example, Shawn Ellington is better known as “Murder Nova” because of his talents behind the wheel of his all-black Chevrolet Nova. At this point, he actually has two black Novas to match the name but that isn’t all that Ellington wheels.

You didn’t think that these guys were going to go out there, win a bunch of races and become reality stars with a little bit of spending money and not splurge on a couple of other rides, did you?

In the garage of Mr. Murder Nova, we find some other interesting creations. Among them, we find a contraption that goes by the name of the “ManVan.” The ManVan is a Chevrolet Trailblazer SS that is anything but stock. Instead, it’s an SUV that’s equipped to run a nine-second quarter-mile thanks to a plethora of modifications.

Fans of the 187 Customs YouTube channel have likely seen this thing a bunch. In fact, it has even competed in all sorts of different drag racing events as it’s often the machine that Ellington breaks out when there’s a daily driver event to attend. We hear that it does a pretty good job of getting some milk and bread at the grocery store as well.

This time, though, it was time for Shawn to part ways with the beast of an SUV. As much as we love some of our cars, sometimes the collection might get a little bit too big or it could be time to move on to something else. In this particular case, we watch as Ellington decides to get rid of the ManVan in favor of some upgrades for one of his other cars.

Down in the video below, we get to join in with the moment that we’re sure is going to be looked back on with great memories. It’s pretty cool that YouTube allows us to not only join in on these moments but will also allow people like Shawn to look back and remember what they were up to!