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Myth Busting! Can You Restore a Dead Car Battery With Welder?

In a day and age where anything that one wants to buy seems like it has gone up in price, saving a little bit of money here and there can be a big help. This is especially true when it comes to relatively expensive items like car batteries. Long gone are the days when a car battery was something that you didn’t think twice about purchasing. Instead, these days, it seems as if you can’t replace the battery under the hood of your ride without spending an arm and a leg.

Therefore, for most of the somewhat mechanically inclined individuals, I would think that if I offered them a way to extend the life of a battery, they would most likely take it.

However, if I were to also tell you that you can recharge a dead car battery with a welder, a lot of people would think that I’m speaking about some tall tale that didn’t hold a ton of weight – rightfully so.

This time, though, we check in with YouTube creator, Project Farm, who takes to the platform in order to test out a couple of old stories that have been circulating around the automotive community when it comes to restoring a dead car battery. With the help of a stick welder, Epsom salt, a DC welder, a high amp manual battery charger, and a battery desulfator, our host tries out a variety of different metrics to see if he can get some dead batteries to come back to life.

While several of these methods end up creating nothing more than an interesting experiment with no results, at least one of them shows that it has a bit of merit and could potentially revive that old battery once again.

Below, we get to run through the litany of tests to see which one of these methods could be worth slipping into the old book of tricks when talking about battery revival.

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