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Is Snap-On Really Better Than the “Cheap Junk” – Test Reveals All

When one hits the hardware store, there are a variety of different options available for just about any type of tool that can be purchased. However, the difficult part comes when trying to figure out if that high dollar namebrand unit is any better than the store brand or other generic brand.

When we bring the internet into the conversation, there are even more choices to pick from as the web has really made the world a whole lot smaller from a commerce standpoint.

This time, we check in with that very idea as it applies to a simple tool that should be in just about every toolbox – the ratchet. Our host over at the Project Farm YouTube channel has taken it upon himself over the years to compare a variety of different tools to get to the bottom of which one brand is the best in each specific case. In these comparison videos, we watch as a variety of different manufacturers of the same tool are put head to head to see which can overcome a variety of tests in the most effective manner.

This time, we find 17 models of ratchet tested that range from a price of $221 all the way down to a $14 unit. In the world ratchets, a potential consumer might be wondering if there is really $221 worth of value that can be packed into a Snap-On brand tool in this category or if if name value is eating up most of the investment.

Below, we check in with the very test that puts a variety of different nameplates to the task of seeing which has the best arc swing, back drag, and failure load. At the end of the day, this might not be a full comprehensive test that will be able to determine the longevity of a tool. However, it gives buyers a good idea of which one has the best initial quality and if there’s any reason to spend 20 times the price on that high dollar unit.