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NC Man Files Lawsuit When He Finds Out Carvana Sold Him a $68k Stolen SUV

Starting a new business is never easy, and there are bound to be a few hurdles along the way. Carvana, a retailer that aims to take the process of buying a car completely online, has encountered many roadblocks in its journey. The process has been well documented as it really seems as if the brand has some regrouping to do.

Recently, a North Carolina man named Jason Scott was the latest to get caught up in Carvana-related controversy when he purchased what he thought was a 2021 Maserati SUV for $68,000 as a birthday gift for his wife. However, he soon found out that the vehicle he had bought was stolen.

According to a report from ABC11, Scott took the car to a dealership where a technician noticed that the parts within the car didn’t match the model year on the paperwork. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle identification number on the frame didn’t match the VIN number on the dashboard. In other words, the car was stolen, and someone had swapped the VIN number with a legally purchased vehicle.

The process might seem sinister and it is but it is far from uncommon. Instead, criminals will frequently steal a car and then seek out the VIN plate of a totaled vehicle in order to sell a car and make it look legitimate. What the buyer doesn’t know is that the vehicle is anything but legit.

The police impounded Scott’s SUV and Scott provided his police report to Carvana. However, it took some convincing to get Carvana to take action. Eventually, Carvana offered to either swap the car or refund the money spent on the purchase after denying that they had any knowledge of the vehicle being stolen. They also offered $1,000 as a goodwill gesture.

Unhappy with this resolution, Scott filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million for the ordeal he has been through.