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Chevy Silverado 632 SS Step Side Brings the Muscle Truck Back to Life

For those who aren’t familiar with the Instagram user who goes by the name of @wb.artist20, Oscar Vargas creates some pretty wild concepts and renderings showing us exactly what the automotive world could potentially be. Whether it’s something from the depths of his imagination that doesn’t exactly exist or a re-imagination of something that does, we can’t help but have our interest piqued whenever he makes a post.

In a recent post, Vargas took the opportunity to dive into the question of “What if a major automaker decided to bring back high-performance street style trucks?” Sure, the SVT Raptor and Ram TRX are definitely amazing examples of high-performance trucks that can be driven on the street. However, as they are designed for more of an off-road application, they leave one group of enthusiasts wanting something that falls more in the category of the old-school SVT Lightning or perhaps a GMC Syclone.

With that, Vargas brought to life the Chevy Silverado step side 632SS concept. The idea brings together the old-school flare of a stepside and combines it with a regular cab short bed pickup truck before sprinkling in a big cubic inch motor into the mix.

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A post shared by Oscar Vargas (@wb.artist20)

It’s not certain if General Motors will ever take on a muscle truck project like this in the future but fans of performance pickup trucks can’t help but drool over a rendering like this that synthesizes a sort of modern rendition of Chevy’s 454SS trucks that were so sought-after back in the day.

I know that I speak for a wide variety of truck enthusiasts when I say that if Chevrolet decided to release something like the 632SS, I would most certainly be interested in taking a drive over to the dealership and maybe even handing over some hard-earned cash for a set of keys to this bad boy.


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A post shared by Oscar Vargas (@wb.artist20)



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