fb-pixel New Cybertruck gets stuck on beach, ticketed by state police
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New Cybertruck gets stuck on beach, ticketed by state police

The long-awaited release of the Tesla Cybertruck has sparked curiosity and fascination as people eagerly observe how it integrates into daily life. Being such a departure from conventional designs, the Cybertruck’s presence in the wild offers a unique experience for both owners and onlookers alike.

Early Cybertruck displays generated excitement, yet some owners encountered unexpected challenges along the way. One such incident occurred when an owner decided to take their Cybertruck for a spin on the beach—a decision that quickly turned into a misadventure.

As any seasoned beach driver knows, navigating sandy terrain requires certain preparations, with the first rule being to deflate the tires slightly to increase traction. Unfortunately, it appears that this crucial step was overlooked by this California Cybertruck owner, leading to an inevitable outcome: getting stuck in the sand.

Within moments of venturing onto the beach, the Cybertruck found itself immobilized, a direct consequence that shows the importance of proper preparation when venturing off-road. Despite the Cybertruck’s attention-grabbing design and impressive capabilities, it was no match for the sandy terrain without the necessary adjustments as is the case for any truck.

Fortunately, help arrived swiftly, and the stranded Cybertruck got the assistance necessary to escape its sandy predicament. By deflating the tires and enlisting the aid of fellow beachgoers, the Cybertruck was able to extricate itself from the sand and resume its journey.

However, the escapade didn’t end there. The Cybertruck owner faced more than just inconvenience; they received a citation for driving illegally on Marina State Beach.

Learn this lesson: When driving one of today’s most controversial vehicles, ensure you’re prepared for the attention it brings!

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