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Watch the Recovery of a 92 FT Viking Beached Due to 30 MPH Winds + Engine Failure

Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs, and occasionally, these unforeseen events come with a hefty price tag. Such was the case with the 92-foot Viking yacht “Pastime.” Valued at an estimated $15 million, this opulent vessel found itself in a predicament that put millions at stake.

During the yacht’s delivery to its new owners, a series of unfortunate events unfolded. Both of its engines locked up, and the onboard generator malfunctioned, causing a complete loss of power. This turned the luxurious yacht into a stranded behemoth adrift at sea. Compounding the situation, the loss of power rendered it incapable of dropping anchor.

As a result, this colossal vessel, weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds, was left to the mercy of the waves, creating a spectacle on Delray Beach in Florida.

With the yacht firmly wedged in the sand, a high-stakes rescue operation was launched to dislodge the vessel and assess the damage. However, moving an object of such immense weight that’s buried in the sand is no task for the faint-hearted.

The scene was nothing short of tumultuous as choppy seas added to the already formidable challenge. Both Sea Tow and TowBoatUS, renowned boat towing companies, rallied to the scene, aiming to pool their efforts to free the massive vessel from its precarious situation. Amidst the chaos of waves and winds, tow lines snapped, and the dedicated crew labored tirelessly throughout the day.

The initial attempts to rescue the yacht proved futile, leaving onlookers in suspense. However, after several grueling attempts, a glimmer of hope emerged as they eventually succeeded in freeing the vessel from its sandy prison.

In the end, the massive vessel might’ve been rescued from being a beached whale. However, there was still extensive damage done to both the outside for obvious reasons and the inside because during the ordeal, the yacht’s fire suppression system managed to go off for some reason.