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New EV6 GT Leaves 700HP Ferrari in the Dust

For the casual onlooker with limited knowledge about cars, the assumption that the flashiest nameplates equate to the fastest rides can be a common misconception. Yet, automotive enthusiasts know performance transcends brand prestige; seemingly mundane vehicles can rival or outperform exotics. It’s truly exciting to watch unfold!

Take Ferrari, for example, renowned for its high-performance, exotic cars. Despite the rich Italian heritage, more unassuming machines can match the performance of these revered exotics.

In the automotive landscape, this concept holds even truer with the advent of electric cars. Electric vehicles, leveraging the instant power and substantial torque provided by electric motors, have disrupted traditional performance metrics. With no power curve to contend with, these electric beasts can be formidable contenders on the race track.

In this intriguing matchup, we witness a battle that, at first glance, might seem unlikely to be closely contested. In one corner, we have the venerable 2012 Ferrari FF, boasting an impressive 700 horsepower. On the other side, representing a brand not traditionally associated with high performance is a 2024 Kia – yes, that Kia – ready to challenge the Ferrari.

Despite the Ferrari’s higher horsepower and the age difference, being a 2012 model versus the brand-new 2024 Kia, the latter, specifically the Kia EV6 GT, packs a punch with 576 horsepower. While that’s 124 horsepower less than the Ferrari, the Kia features dual electric motors and an all-wheel-drive setup, potentially making it a strong competitor against the all-wheel-drive, combustion-powered Ferrari.

The comparison below from the crew over at Hoonigan unveils a surprising revelation: appearances can be deceiving, and this unassuming Kia, though it might not scream exotic, demands respect when it comes to race day.

We’re sure that most would probably still roll around in the Ferrari. It’s hard not to admit that the performance of the Kia gives it some serious cool factor.

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