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WhistlinDiesel Burns $500k Ferrari to the Ground, This one Was an Accident

Those familiar with the automotive YouTube sensation, WhistlinDiesel, are likely well-acquainted with his tendency for destruction. Regardless of a vehicle’s reputation or its hefty price tag, it seems he’s always ready to push it to its limits, testing just how much abuse it can endure.

Recently, his audience was taken aback when he added the Ferrari F8 Tributo, a car worth well over $400,000, to his collection and decided to subject it to his trademark extreme treatment.

After an initial outing that some viewers found underwhelming, he embarked on a second video with the aim of pushing the envelope further. This endeavor took the form of a reckless joyride in a dry cornfield, and it was during this escapade that unintended destruction began to unfold.

As our host attempted some off-road maneuvers in the car that’s obviously not designed to be taken off of a paved surface, dried corn debris became lodged between the Ferrari’s wheels, creating a dangerous combination of flammable material and intense heat within the braking system. Suddenly, before the driver could fully comprehend what was happening, the car – a vehicle worth more than the price of some houses – was engulfed in flames.

The crew on scene scrambled to douse the fire using whatever means were available as to prevent the entire field from going ablaze, but their efforts proved to be largely ineffective. In an ironic twist, even a rental vehicle serving as a camera car managed to catch fire during the chaos.

While the host acknowledges that viewers might assume this was a staged stunt for his channel, he firmly asserts that the fire was entirely unintentional. Given that this was only the second video featuring the $400,000 car and the severity of the fire, it’s reasonable to believe that the destruction was accidental. Adding to the misfortune, the rental van containing their personal belongings was also reduced to ashes in the ordeal.