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WhistlinDiesel is at it Again, Trying to Get Ferrari to Sue Him

Even though we’re sure that YouTube creator, WhistlinDiesel, likely gets the most hate mail out of everybody in the automotive community, we have to say that he simultaneously has the most fun out of anybody in the community as well. I mean, how many people can say that they get to take a $400,000 sports car and push it to its limits in ways that might never be duplicated by anyone ever?

This time, our host is going after yet another high-dollar exotic to put through the wringer. In this case, the target is Ferrari, more specifically, a low mileage 2020 Ferrari F8 worth about $400,000.

Of course, when we tune in with a WhistlinDiesle video, we expect some pretty unique methods of destruction but that isn’t the only thing that makes this particular endeavor unique. Instead, our host is toying with the fact that the automaker is notorious for handing out cease and desist letters like they’re candy on Halloween.

As it turns out, Ferrari isn’t necessarily fond of anybody who wants to use its vehicles in a way that they weren’t designed to be used. Sometimes, this even includes something as simple as modifying a car with a vinyl wrap. This is exactly what we saw happen to the famous DJ, Deadmau5.

This time, though, we check in with the video that is sure to be the Ferrari legal team’s worst nightmare. In the video, we watch as the car in question is thrown around off-road, sliding through the mud and even getting air once or twice. Don’t worry, though, once the off-road shenanigans are done for, our host elevates his level of exotic car manufacturer trolling when he takes the time to pressure wash the caked-on mud that is absolutely everywhere on this once-pristine automobile.

Below, we check in with the situation to see what is essentially a call out for Ferrari to send over one of those notorious C&Ds.

Attorney Reacts: WhistlinDiesel vs $400k Ferrari?!

In this video, I review the WhistlinDiesel video and go over some concerns that could land him in some hot legal water with Ferrari. Ferrari is known to protect their brand. Let’s see how this plays out.