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NEW Recall Might be One of the Scariest in Ford’s History

With a wide variety of recalls that could impact a vehicle, it’s important to pay attention to see if your vehicle comes up and how dire such a recall might be. All recalls should be attended to but there are some that really make your eyes pop as they are particularly unsafe.

This time, we tune in with a recall that is definitely at the top of the list of anyone who owns the vehicles impacted. This is definitely not one that truck owners are going to want to put off heading to your Ford dealer to get repaired.

According to one of the latest recalls, 2021 Ford F-150s will be impacted. Apparently, steering gears are locking up in the trucks and causing them to lose all ability to articulate the steering in some cases.

The recall will impact trucks made at the Dearborn Truck facility between 11/4/20 and 5/20/21 as well as the Kansas City facility between 10/29/20 and 4/15/21.

The recall is said to only impact 217 vehicles so far. However, upon going over the recall, Ford mechanic and YouTube creator, FordTechMakuloco, tells us that sometimes the recalls tend to start smaller and branch out as Ford discovers more issues with relevant vehicles.

Owners of impacted vehicles have been advised to not drive the affected vehicles until the repair has been done. Nobody wants their steering to lock up on them when traveling at any rate of speed. Ford says that the damage to the steering gear could potentially result in increased steering efforts and maybe not even being able to turn the steering wheel at all while driving, naturally increasing the risk of a crash.

Ford has urged dealers to be proactive and contact owners to instruct them to stop driving vehicles while also arranging to tow the vehicle to the dealership. Ford has authorized rental vehicles for this case.

To find out if your truck falls into the impacted vehicles, you can call up your dealer or check this VIN list.