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Driver Forced to Sell Stock Hyundai Elantra Because California Said it’s Too Loud

As if we needed any more evidence that California is off its rocker when it comes to vehicle ownership, the owner of a bone-stock 2022 Hyundai Elantra is out of his ride after the state declared that it’s too loud to be driven on public streets.

An infuriating video went viral that shows a police officer pulling the driver over and basically telling the owner of the Hyundai Elantra N that he can’t drive his car in track mode. He then goes on to inform the owner that it’s going to cost him thousands of dollars to have the car corrected to be driven on public streets. Yes, you’re understanding that properly – California won’t even let you drive your Stock 200 hp Hyundai on public streets because they think it’s too loud.

The officer would move to suspend the driver’s registration and tell him that the car had to be sent back to Hyundai to have the track mode removed, which the owner has to pay for. He then goes on to say that if the dealer didn’t make the owner aware that driving in track mode was illegal then he could sue them as well.

It seems as if no person in their right mind thinks that a 200 hp Hyundai is causing any real disturbance as the outpouring of support for this poor guy has been immense. Unfortunately, neither the state nor Hyundai care to support the man, though, as the car did fail the exhaust noise test upon further inspection by the state. To make matters worse, the owner says that Hyundai isn’t being much help, either, as they have refused to buy the car back.

To add insult to injury, a follow-up from the owner says that he has an upcoming court date and needs a resolution but when he calls Hyundai, he’s sent straight to voicemail as they’re dragging their feet on any possible resolution. To be fair, a little help from the manufacturer would be nice but it seems like the real villain here just so happens to be the great state of California.