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NEW TOOLS announced from Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Hilti and more!

No matter how many tools one has, there’s always a little bit of extra room to add a couple more options to get the job done. This is especially true when we see some of the cool technology coming to the tool market each and every year. All of the brands that we know and love, along with some less established brands that are maybe a little bit newer to the scene, are constantly at work, attempting to do the best that they can to bring the best product possible to the market.

In order to see exactly what these brands have been up to, there are trade shows throughout the year that has everyone trying to put their best foot forward. This time, we check in with the Belts And Boxes YouTube channel as our hosts head to World of Concrete 2023 to check out the latest additions to the market.

World of Concrete isn’t just a trade show for those who are in concrete work. Instead, we give a check-in from just about every sector of the tool market to see what kinds of new ideas are out there and just waiting to find their way into toolboxes around the world.

Below, we check in with everything from saws to vacuums to rebar to see exactly what the future of construction and maybe even wrenching in the garage might look like. Sure, we have an idea of what an ideal tool setup looks like today. Tomorrow, though, maybe the high-tech tools that we thought were the best will simply be inefficient and some of these new concepts will take over to make the job easier than we ever thought possible.

After checking out some of these new releases, be sure to tell us which is most likely to make its way to your collection.

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