fb-pixel New vid shows LMPD throwing slushies at Louisville residents
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New vid shows LMPD throwing slushies at Louisville residents

The cruel prank of tossing slushy drinks at unsuspecting pedestrians typically brings to mind the antics of misguided teenagers, actions that we might think said teenagers would look back on and cringe at when they’re older and more mature. Such juvenile pranks are generally associated with youth, and most individuals, as they mature, outgrow such behaviors.

However, an unexpected and troubling exception occurred in Louisville, Kentucky, where two adult men, Curtis Flynn and Brian Wilson, both purported members of an “Elite undercover drug task force,” with the local police department, engaged in such actions. In a surprising departure from expected adult behavior, video footage captured these police officers hurling frozen drinks out of a car window at innocent pedestrians.

What makes this situation even more egregious is that the uniformed officers not only participated in these cruel pranks but also recorded the acts and shared them with their fellow police officers. In one instance, a marked police car trailed them, capturing the officers throwing drinks out of the window.

Not only are these pranks downright uncalled for by anyone but police officers are held to a higher standard. This is a line of work where one should be expected to go above and beyond to be an upstanding part of the community in stark contrast to these actions.

The recorded actions took place in 2018 and 2019, but the footage recently leaked to the public, shedding light on the officers’ misconduct. The revelation of such behavior by those entrusted with upholding the law has understandably sparked outrage and concerns about the conduct of law enforcement officers in the community.

As a consequence of their actions, Curtis Flynn received a three-month sentence behind bars, while Brian Wilson faced a more substantial penalty with a 30-month sentence. The severity of the punishment reflects the gravity of the officers’ behavior and underscores the importance of maintaining accountability within law enforcement agencies to preserve public trust.