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Video Shows Austin Police Officers Going Into Burning Truck, Rescuing Unconscious Driver

Sometimes, it can be easy to take things for granted. When everything in life is going according to plan and running smoothly, we can sometimes lose sight of the things that really matter. The fact that we’re all able to open up our eyes and take a breath in the morning is definitely something that makes us fortunate. However, it’s certainly not something that’s guaranteed and sometimes, it’s real life heros who preserve that ability.

Safety isn’t necessarily a given. In modern society, there are plenty of folks who we can thank for the ability to live a safe life. Even if we end up in situations where things don’t look great, there are regular heroes walking around in our communities to step in and help where it might be needed.

This time, we check in with a situation that unfolded in Austin, Texas, that really had gives us a stark reminder of just what some of these heroes are willing to give up in order to make sure that a complete stranger can walk away and from a terrifying situation and live to speak about it. Body cameras were rolling as two police officers in Texas came upon a burning truck, discovering an occupant behind the wheel that was unconscious. The officers would then proceed to do what not many would as they approached the truck and went inside to remove the man, putting themselves in danger in the process.

The footage below might be a little bit scary but it really shows us just how far above and beyond some folks are willing to go for their fellow human being. With clips like this, we can definitely appreciate not officers Eduardo Pineda and Chandler Carrera who went completely beyond the call of duty in order to save a man from a burning truck but also all of the individuals who run towards danger in the name of the safety of others.

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