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Next Gen 2025 Silverado V8 | New Designs Revealed!

If there’s one thing we can say about the car community, it’s that the consensus seems to always be looking forward. No matter how many new and exciting things are on the market, we, as human beings, tend to wonder what exactly is coming next. Sure, a manufacturer might’ve just dropped something that is industry-changing. However, wondering what they have in the works up next is something that can be truly intriguing to our human nature.

This time, to fill us in on that news, we turn to YouTube creator, Brian Mello, who chimes in on the latest in terms of the future of Chevrolet truck design.

As Mello points out, the General Motors Design Team Instagram account is always dropping interesting nuggets that point toward the future of the brand. While some of the sketches definitely appear to be concepts, history has shown us that the account has actually posted designs that end up making it into production.

This time, our host points out a design that the account posted back in March. The image shows a pickup truck concocted by artist, Ben Zavala, that very much looks like something that could be right over the horizon for Chevrolet.

Below, Mellow dives deep into the sketch, picking out parts that seem probable to make it to final production. While, on the surface, it looks like just another rendering of a pickup, there are a lot of details here to point out and pull apart. When we get down to brass tax, the imagery actually looks kind of like a Hot Wheels car a little bit. However, we wouldn’t be shocked if there were a good number of design elements that were pulled from this rendering and applied to the real-life Silverado or Sierra pickup truck when the 2025 model year rolls around.