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Next Gen C9 Corvette Interior Revealed in Recent GM Instagram Post

As car fanatics, it feels like we’re always looking toward the future. With each and every release from major automotive manufacturers, we can’t help but seek out more. Sure, Corvette fans were excited about all the news surrounding the C8 Corvette and its recently released Z06 rendition which has now hit the streets. However, even those who are absolutely in love with the car couldn’t help but wonder what might be coming next for the brand’s flagship performance machine.

With that, YouTube creator, Brian Mello, has taken to the platform to point out what might just be the next generation of Corvette interior. While GM is in the thick of things with the C8, still releasing different iterations of the current generation model, the design team has to stay on its toes otherwise, they will fall behind for the next generation of car which is most certainly being thought about behind the scenes.

Mello guided viewers toward the General Motors Design Team’s Instagram page where enthusiasts will frequently get the opportunity to see designs teased before they ever come out. The page has been known to post some pretty accurate to-life sneak peeks of what’s to come.

In a recent post, the page leaked a shot of the inside of what appears to be a Corvette from GM’s lead interior and performance car studio designer, Brian Geiszler, who played a major role in the design of the C8’s interior.


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A couple of noteworthy features that our host took a moment to point out were the yoke style steering wheel and reimagining of the button layout as it exists in the C8. The line of buttons that trims the center console of the C8 might just be one of the car’s most controversial design points.

Below, we get the deep dive, analyzing every element of this image that very well could be teasing the upcoming interior for the next generation of Corvette. It’s certainly too soon to know for sure if this is the actual design. However, if history has spelled out anything, it’s that there’s a pretty good chance that we’re going to see some of these elements in the upcoming generation’s interior.