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LAPD Ramps Up Efforts Against Street Racing as “Fast X” Releases

The latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise hit theaters last Friday. Fans of the series came out to see what’s next, expecting a litany of high-octane stunts and hopefully a little bit of car action as well. Apparently, though, some have decided to take some of the physically impossible stunts they see on screen and try them out in the real world.

While a lot of fans of the series were incredibly excited to see the next rendition come out, law enforcement didn’t seem so excited. In fact, the LAPD launched an effort to warn people what would happen if they decided to emulate what they saw on screen. Apparently, police say that street racing and other aggressive driving styles have been known to spike with each release from the franchise. They specifically cite street racing and takeovers.

While street racing encompasses a competition of speed, takeovers bring on an entirely new level of recklessness. In these “takeovers,” drivers close down entire intersections or sections of highways in order to do burnouts, donuts, and drift. The result can cause a lot of damage and is generally downright dangerous.

The police aren’t the only ones who have been taking steps to prevent aggressive driving. Apparently, in at least one filming location from the original movie, barricades have been installed to prevent reckless driving around the area. It seems as if perhaps maybe some people can’t quite control themselves when going sightseeing and taking a tour of the franchise’s filming locations.

Below, Inside Edition dives into exactly what has been going on and what measures are being taken by police in order to prevent unlawful behavior. It seems as if law enforcement is breaking out all the stops in order to prevent any sort of dangerous activity on public roadways.