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Officers Lift up Van to Free Incapacitated Mechanic From Beneath

When you’ve been around the block enough times, eventually, you realize that taking the extra step in the name of safety is incredibly crucial when working in the garage. Sure, it might not seem like that unlikely accident is going to happen to you but what some might not realize that it very much could become your reality.

In this particular instance, we check in with Inside Edition who has brought us a story of a man who was trapped beneath a van. Apparently, this individual from Kalamazoo, Michigan was working on a neighbor’s van when the vehicle fell off of the jack that was supporting it.

When officers arrived on the scene, the man was still conscious but would shortly after go into cardiac arrest and stop breathing. It was at this point that police decided that they had to jump to action. A couple of officers got to it, doing all that they could to lift the van up to be able to free the individual from underneath. Fortunately, they were able to lift the vehicle high enough to slide the man out from underneath.

One officer gave the individual CPR which allowed the man’s pulse to return so that he would be able to continue breathing again. This individual should consider himself incredibly lucky at the swift response of the officers and their quick thinking to save a life.

Checking in with a video like this gives us a very startling reminder of why exactly it’s important to use jackstands. While you might think that you’re just crawling under a vehicle for a couple of seconds, it only takes one second for a heavy van to come crashing down on you, pinning you underneath. Not everybody is as lucky as this man to have rescuers come to their aid in time.