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Passengers in Small Airplane Look up to Discover MASSIVE Spider

There are certain rational fears that one may face when it comes to flying. Naturally, the leading fear is going to be the thought of that airplane dropping out of the sky. When it comes to something like a commercial flight, crashing might not be something that’s really all that probably. However, when it comes to some of the smaller personal aircraft, maybe it’s more prevalent though as maintenance and safety standards are sure to be a little bit more relaxed.

This time, we take a ride with one of those smaller aircraft but the fear in this video isn’t necessarily from falling out of the sky. Instead, staying in the sky in this one is probably some people’s worst nightmare.

When the video starts, it looks like the plane is coming in for a landing. However, all isn’t as it seems. Instead, as a camera continues to pan up to the ceiling, there is a massive spider crawling along inside of the cabin.

As the video is hashtagged with #pets and #spider, we would be left to assume that it’s the occupants pet and there is no real danger. However, we can think of a good number of people who would probably rather be in a plane crash than be stuck in a small cabin with a massive spider like this.

Down in the video below from TikTok user, @texasmama915, we get a feeling that this one is going to cause a little bit of a faster heart rate for a couple of our readers. We just can’t imagine being stuck in a situation like this if that spider wasn’t there by design. We would certainly file this one in the “worst fear” category for tons of folks.

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