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Joe Rogan’s EXTREME Wild LT4 Powered ’69 Nova is Absurdly Custom From Top to Bottom

Those who have listened to enough episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast likely know that its host, Joe Rogan, it is a pretty big car fanatic. As it turns out, when Spotify cuts you a check for $200 million, the number of cars that you can go out and buy is pretty limitless.

Unlike a lot of celebrities who will just go fishing for the most expensive factory stock car that they possibly can, Rogan approaches his collection like a true gearhead.

This time, we check in with one of the custom rides that can be found in the comedian’s garage. The machine in question in this particular video is a 1969 Chevrolet Nova but those familiar with what a ’69 Nova looks like might notice that this one doesn’t look quite like any that they’ve ever seen before. This is because Steve Strope and the crew at Pure Vision Design managed to modify this car and just about every way that a car could possibly be modified. They even managed to customize some pieces that we didn’t know could even be customized in such a way!

One example of such customization that is subtle yet impressive is the fact that the entire side of the car has been replaced with body panels from either a Chevrolet Camaro or a Pontiac Firebird depending on which section of the car you choose. In essence, while the profile of the car remains the same, the body lines have most certainly changed.

Below, Strope joins our host at AutotopiaLA to take us for a guided tour of this gorgeous muscle machine. At first glance, something in the brain of a muscle car enthusiast says that this car is special but this tour really peels back to layers to tell us that it’s a lot more special than one might initially think.