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Planes Collide in Midair, Crash During Air Show at Dallas Executive Airport

Every once in a while, we come across something that really stops us in our tracks and makes us think about life. A sight out of Texas this past weekend would do just that as social media turned its attention toward an air show that turned deadly when a pair of planes fell from the sky following an accident.

In a sight that was nothing short of heartbreaking, two airplanes collided with one another this past weekend at the “Wings Over Dallas Air Show” at Dallas Executive Airport. The collision happened between a pair of World War II era planes. One was a fighter design and the other a bomber. Folks watching were left in complete awe, wondering what it was that they had just witnessed as the event seemingly came out of nowhere. This isn’t exactly something that one sees every day so being able to process it is something that the brain just isn’t ready for.

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra collided with one another at about 1:20 PM on Saturday. The incident would quickly find its way to social media showcasing the collision.

Unfortunately, there were six people aboard the planes who did pass away. The Commemorative Air Force identified the victims as Terry Barker, Craig Hutain, Kevin “K5” Michels, Dan Ragan, Leonard “Len” Root, and Curt Rowe. Fortunately, there were no injuries on the ground.

the FAA is investigating but a preliminary report is expected from the NTSB in 4-6 weeks. NTSB member told USA Today that “One of the things we would probably most likely be trying to determine is why those aircraft were co-altitude in the same air space at the same time”

Below, the news report from NBC 6 South Florida takes the liberty of laying out a few more details that explain exactly what happened on this tragic day.