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Real Mechanic Reacts to “Fast & Furious” Car Modifications

When it comes right down to the facts of the matter, I’m not sure that any of us head into a “Fast and Furious” movie looking for a factually bulletproof documentary about the underground world of street racing. In fact, ever since the first film, the crew behind the scenes has kind of been stretching out facts to make them more appealing to the common movie fan.

When one is making a movie, they’re going to need to insert a little bit of artistic liberty most of the time in the name of making things more attention grabbing. After all, nobody wants to sit down and watch your average Friday night car meet on screen. However, as the years have gone on, this habit of stretching out the facts has gotten further and further from a sense of reality and it might just have the mechanically inclined among us cringing a little bit.

This time, the crew over at Donut Media took the time to join forces with a real-life mechanic who sat down and checked in with some of the modifications that have been displayed in the Fast & Furious universe over the years. In the video, the mechanic reacts to each situation, telling us his thoughts on what exactly it is that he thinks of these different movie magic attempts and how they might or might not apply to real life. It doesn’t exactly take an engineer to figure out that he’s probably going to have a lot of things to say about the wild theatrics that are featured on screen these days.

Anyways, by following along with the video below, we get to see the reality behind what we’re seeing on the screen. After seeing something like this, we certainly don’t think that it’s any secret that moviegoers kind of need to come to theaters expecting to suspend their disbelief for a while because some of these mods are incredibly outrageous.

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