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Supercharged 4×4 F-150 vs Turbocharged 4×4 Silverado Cheyenne Drag Race

In the American automotive market, there is a battle that dates back about as far as we can all remember. That battle is Chevrolet versus Ford and is one that is celebrated even today. Whether we’re talking about going fast or pulling a heavy load, it always seems as if the blue oval and the golden bowtie go toe to toe, each with its respective fans looking to gain an edge on the other brand.

This time, we check in with a regular cab short-bed pickup truck from each of these brands. However, contrary to what some might think when they hear of a Ford versus Chevy pickup truck comparison, we aren’t testing out the payload. Instead, these trucks have been built for speed and the folks over at Hoonigan are going to see just how effective they are at achieving that goal.

What a lot of people fail to realize about pickup trucks like the ones in this particular video is that they share architecture with performance cars under the same nameplate. In other words, under the hood of the Ford F-150, we find something pretty similar to what one would get with a Coyote-powered Ford Mustang. On the other hand, the Silverado sports an engine that shares lots of parts with the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro. When push comes to shove, that means that some serious performance monsters can be made out of these short-bed pickup trucks that are also relatively lightweight.

In the video below, we get to ride along with an episode of Hoonigan’s “This vs That,” a show that’s all about comparing a pair of rides to see which one is the heavier hitter. So, is the 900 hp supercharged F-150 going to reign supreme or will the turbocharged Silverado (better known as a Cheyenne in Mexico) making 1000 hp come out on top?

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