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Road Jetter High Pressure Cleaning Truck Cleans Everything Off The Road

This is one of the more satisfying videos you’ll see today, until it isn’t. I’ll explain why later. This truck, a Scania chassis that’s been outfitted with a massive water tank and a fixture on the front that houses a series of high-pressure nozzles, is used to clean the roadways or parking lots and it does so very well! The nozzles, of which there appear to be sixteen, are a few inches apart and fan out to create one wide spray nozzle that cleans the width of a traffic lane at one time.

As you can see, it does a great job of cleaning this parking lot, which is in dire need of a good cleaning, blasting away what appears to be a couple of decades of grime that has built up on the lot in a matter of seconds, sending a wave of water and dirt flying ahead of the truck, which also catches a nice coating of backwash from the spray. While the grille is coated with much, the parking lot itself appears to be getting the cleaning of a lifetime as the water jets scrub down to the bare asphalt. The operator demonstrates how the spray bar can be articulated side to side and up and down to change the direction and strength of the water, giving the operator the option to check progress and tweak the setting to get the optimal spray for the job

The problem with the video, as far as killing the satisfying aspect of it, is that there’s no before and after. Watching the process as it happens is great, but we need to see the completed task. Not the whole lot, just zoom back out and show us behind the truck itself and the contrast between the clean and grimy areas after the truck makes a pass. We need this, camera guy!


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