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Robot Designed to Help in Grocery Store Escapes and Runs Free

In pretty much every piece of science fiction that we know that involves robots, eventually, the robots develop a mind of their own and turn on humanity. While previously, this sort of idea was nothing more than fiction, every day, it seems like robots are getting just a little bit closer to becoming sentient. We’re not sure if they’re planning to take over the world but maybe it’s something to keep an eye on.

This time, we’re not exactly sure that that was the case. However, to shoppers at one grocery store, it would appear as if maybe they thought that this particular robot had concocted a mind of its own and came up with a plan to escape from its job at the grocery store.

Essentially, the main idea of this robot who has been named Marty is to patrol its grocery store in pursuit of dirty situations. When Marty finds some sort of spill on the ground or something that is disheveled, the robot will do its best to try and help clean up.

As one nearby person with their phone handy discovered, though, this particular version of Marty decided that it didn’t want to work in the grocery store anymore. Instead, Marty would take off into the parking lot, making a run for it to try and free himself of the mundane monotony of working in a grocery store. It turns out that Marty wasn’t very good at evading his captors, though.

Below, we check in with the scene as Marty makes a run for it and one of the grocery store employees heads out the door to chase the robot down. I guess that Marty is going to have to go back to the drawing board to try once again to escape from this 9 to 5 that seemingly never ends.