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Incredible Car Inventions that Will Make Your Life Easier

In this day and age, there are a lot of features that vehicle customers can have added to their new car straight from the manufacturer. One spin around the dealership showroom will likely feature more options than one could possibly even remember. From extra seating to technology abounding, the customer’s head can really spin when they’re trying to figure out what options are necessary and which ones aren’t.

However, with that said, automotive manufacturers can only go so far in the pursuit of mass customization. While one can change just about every feature on a car, there are just some additions that don’t make any sense for manufacturers to pursue because not enough people would want them to turn these features profitable. However, where major auto manufacturers can’t quite deliver, the aftermarket is there to step in and sell customers whatever it is that they want.

This time, thanks to our host at the Interesting & Creative Designs YouTube channel, we get to dive into some pretty awesome car inventions that can really make one’s life easier. Of course, dealerships aren’t going to sell you a car that doubles as a home. However, with one of the kits featured in this video, a typical SUV could be transformed into something that one could live out of.

Furthermore, we check in with some unique features like hidden storage and built-in vacuums that make maintaining a vehicle easier than ever. It’s pretty crazy to think that wherever somebody might have a little bit of a struggle with their ride, there’s somebody out there willing to attack the pain point and try to build creative parts in the name of making a buck.

Below, we check in with these incredible inventions that all have a lot of thought invested to aim to make life easier.