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Ryan Martin Addresses Claims That he Gets “Secret Parts” Nobody Else Has Access To

Even when there’s no drag racing going on, the competitors who want to stay relevant on the No Prep Kings circuit need to keep things moving.

This time, we check in with a vlog video from the Ryan Martin (Fireball Camaro) YouTube channel that might seem like a casual update video on the surface. However, as we dive a little bit deeper into some of the details, we quickly learn exactly what it is that keeps Martin at the top of the pack and other competitors trying to catch up.

The first order of business in this particular video is for Martin and company to unwrap their new motor for the gray Fireball Camaro that fans will see this upcoming season on NPK. Martin tells us that the ProCharged Proline combination will stay similar to last year with a few tweaks that might make it a bit more potent. He plans on having it over to FuelTech for tuning in the near future.

Even though the rules committee for NPK has yet to drop the official rules, Martin came to the conclusion that he’s waited a little bit too long. Therefore, he decided to put together his car and do a little bit of testing, an idea that emboldened the community to call him out, saying that maybe he had the rules before everybody else. However, when Martin took some time to address these claims, he simply said that he couldn’t wait any longer and that not getting anything done would be a sure-fire way to help him drop behind. Therefore, testing what he has and eventually adjusting based on the eventual release of the rules seems to be the proactive way to keep that competitive edge.

That isn’t the only bit of controversy that Martin addressed in this particular video, though. Apparently, some competitors think that maybe the Fireball Camaro has access to some secret parts that nobody else can get. After all, a number of his competitors seem to have pretty similar access to vendors and enough money to compete with Martin. Why is it that Martin could manage to win consecutive seasons and always be the guy to beat?

When addressing these claims, Martin simply shoots down the idea, going as far as detailing what he does with his old motors. Apparently, even the winning combinations end up being sold to competitors, so Martin then proposes that it would be pretty hard if not impossible to hide some sort of secret parts on these combinations.

In any case, the video below takes us along for the ride as NPK competitors begin to get a little bit antsy as the rules have yet to drop and the first event is coming up quickly. Right now, the first official event is going down June 2 2023. However, there are rumors that there might even be an event kicking off at the end of the month of May.

While Martin isn’t going to hand over the entire winning formula, there are definitely some team tendencies outlined in this video that give us a clue of how he has managed to remain top dog and might even help some to win in other aspects of life as well.