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Daddy Dave’s ProCharged Nova Scorches the Competition at NPK Palm Beach

Sometimes, it almost seems as if Street Outlaws competitors change their combinations as much as the weather changes. One week, we see twin turbos. The next, a ProCharger makes its presence felt.

Setup-wise, it can be hard to be sure where exactly some of these cars are at times and where they might be going next. It’s practically a full-time job to keep up with all of the different combinations and updates that each competitor is going through.

At the end of the day, though, this type of change is definitely for a good reason. As every single person in the 405 is gunning for that top spot, even those already at the top need to keep evolving and stepping their game up. Staying stagnant is a good way to make sure that somebody ends up walking right past you. Therefore, with competitors like Daddy Dave who is usually found near the top of any competitive event, even he is trying out new things all the time.

This year, the forced induction found on Dave’s main ride is none other than a ProCharger.

Let’s just say that after a couple of showings, it looks like that is a very good choice for the Goliath Chevrolet Nova. In fact, it almost looks like the car is unbeatable out there at No Prep Kings.

This time, we join in as Dave makes a couple of passes down at Palm Beach International Raceway. The passes are all a part of the June 18th and 19th rendition of NPK that would send this Nova to the top, just like a rocket ship.

Down in the video below, the folks from the National No Prep Racing Association take it upon themselves to give us that front-row view, capturing all of the glory that Goliath 2.0 has to offer. After seeing how this thing rolls out, it’s going to be interesting to see how the competition stands up to Daddy Dave this season.


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