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Ryan Martin is Changing Things up With his Main NPK Ride

Even as a consistent contender for the number one spot in No Prep Kings, Ryan Martin has to stay on his toes. Sure, today, he might be top dog. However, there are a variety of other competitors who are looking to take the crown from the king. This means that Martin needs to constantly stay up on the latest in racing tech to make sure that he has the best opportunity of making the most of this year’s rule book. There’s certainly a lot of work and time investment when it comes to keeping ahead of the pack!

With the recent post to YouTube, Martin announced that he would be making a little bit of a change to his car. However, instead of trying to get the most out of the machine on the performance front, it appears as if this time, Fireball is undergoing a visual modification to keep his ride looking sharp. Not only do Martin’s cars haul the mail, they are also known for looking the part as well.

Time, we check in with the Fireball Camaro as it takes on a bit of a different look. Instead of battleship gray color that fans of No Prep Kings have become used to seeing out on the racing surface, the Chevrolet is getting a wrap job to give a bit of a different appearance. Let’s just say that the change is rather stark!

In this particular video, we watch as the old is sent out and the new is brought in. In place of the gray color, this time, the car has been wrapped up with a camouflaged theme. Below, we get to see the step-by-step process as we ride along with a portion of the work that’s involved in taking a machine and completely changing its appearance.