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What Ever Happened to Ryan Martin’s Redrum Pickup Build?

Many of the fan-favorite Street Outlaws competitors have a variety of horsepower-producing monsters in their garages, aside from the machines that we frequently see on television. Ryan Martin, a Street Outlaws front-runner, is most certainly no exception. He turns the wrenches on a variety of different projects, and at least one of them had really caught the attention of fans.

The project was a regular cab short-bed GMC Sierra pickup truck that gained the nickname “Redrum.” The machine was once the victim of a hurricane, but Martin and company brought it back to life with the aim of giving the truck the best life possible. The goal of this 2017 Sierra build clad in red was to become the first of its body style to reach an eight-second quarter mile. Martin and his team modified the truck to make a generous helping of horsepower, and they thought it would be enough to propel the truck into the eights while maintaining the ability to drive to and from the track.

While the truck promised to be an awesome contender on the racing surface, fans eventually took notice that it just stopped appearing on both YouTube and television out of nowhere. Some speculated that maybe Martin sold the truck or that it had just found its way to the back burner for a period of time, but the reality was another story entirely.

According to Martin, the truck caught on fire on the way to the race track and burned to the ground in the process. The full details are really priceless as Martin and his crew reminisces over the truck that had so much potential but never really got the chance to deliver.

It’s unfortunate that the Redrum truck had to meet such an unexpected fate. But knowing Martin, he will likely have something even more impressive and faster up his sleeve in the near future. Martin’s dedication to the world of racing is what makes him one of the most exciting competitors on Street Outlaws, and his passion for speed will continue to fuel his projects in the years to come.