fb-pixel Scary Crash Kye Kelley No Prep Race VS Po Tung
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Scary Crash Kye Kelley No Prep Race VS Po Tung

In the high-stakes world of drag racing, particularly in the challenging realm of no-prep racing, adrenaline runs high as powerful machines line up for unpredictable battles on tracks without sticky traction. One truly never knows what’s going to happen as tire meets track and competitors try to push the limits on their respective setups.

In this throwback clip, we witness fan-favorite Kye Kelley facing off against Australia’s Po Tung in his Toyota Supra.

Prior to the race, an arrangement was negotiated that gave Tung the advantage of leaving the line first, a move known as being “given the break.” Kye, faced with the challenge, had to strategize on how to prepare his car for the adverse circumstances, especially with a $3,000 pot on the line against his Australian competitor. He went back and forth on whether he needed to add more power, risking traction, to be able to get around his competitor.

Despite the preparations, the race took an unexpected turn right from the start where all preparation flew out the window. Kelley’s Chevrolet Camaro initiated an epic wheel stand, lifting the front end high off the ground, creating a visually striking moment but not the ideal start for a drag race.

Unfortunately, Tung, perhaps unaware of Kelley’s poor launch or determined to finish the race, pressed on. Tragically, he lost control of the Supra, colliding with the wall. The silver lining was that he managed to pass the finish line before crossing the center, securing the purse despite the mishap. Also, because of Kelley’s inefficiency on the line, the wreck was limited to a single car instead of both of them.

While the monetary reward might be a consolation, the cost of repairing the damaged car is likely to exceed the winnings. Ultimately, the most crucial aspect is that both drivers walked away unharmed. Nonetheless, witnessing a competitor face such a setback is always a tough moment in the world of drag racing.